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Secure your media as it's captured !

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Why Use ProveIt-Now!™ ?

Ordinary pictures, videos and audio can be hacked and modified for nefarious purposes. Protect yourself with certified media!

Your Media is Instantly Certified When it's Captured !

Certified Media™ supports DOJ Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE) Rule 902 for Self Authenticating Evidence.

How Does ProveIt-Now!™ Work?

4 Simple Steps... Anyone Can Use It!

ProveIt-Now!™ is free to download and use. The media captured (Certified Media™) remains in the app until it's “unlocked”. Users can view or play all captured media on their device, but can not share outside the app until the user "unlocks" the media.

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    Download for free

    Visit Apple's App Store to download & install ProveIt-Now!™ for free, no credit card required. Once the application has installed, Register an account and you're ready to go. It's that simple!

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    Take pictures, videos, and audio

    Sign into the application and begin capturing certified Photos, Videos, and Audios. There is no limit to the amount of media you can capture, it's all stored locally on your device until you need it.

  • 3

    Pay only for what you use

    When you’re ready to share, post, print, or use your Certified Media™, simply unlock the media with a token. Once unlocked, the media is instantly uploaded & stored in the DigitalMediaBank™ and available to be distributed as desired.

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    Rest assured your media is protected

    Every media captured by ProveIt-Now! is digitally signed and certified. The media can be validated within the app or by using 1 of 3 available tools. Validate your media with IK-Verify, IK-Analyze, or simply scan the QR Code watermark.

ProveIt-Now!™ Provides Media You Can Trust !

Using ProveIt-Now!™ provides confidence and peace of mind - it is media you can trust !

Incorporates ImageKeeper's Certified Media™ Technology !

  • Why do You Need Certified Media ?
  • Why is Certified Media Important ?
  • What is Certified Media ?
Why do You Need Certified Media ?

You’re At Risk Of Having Your Photos, Videos, & Audio Altered Or Manipulated.

  • Secure your Originals & Eliminate Risk of Media Manipulation.
  • Ensure your Content is Authentic and True.
  • Posting Deepfakes, Manipulated Photos, Videos Protected Under US First Amendment.
  • 1996 Communications Decency Act; Sect. 230 Grants Online Platforms Civil Liability Immunity.
  • Current Existing Laws Don’t Adequately Protect You.
Why is Certified Media Important ?

Manipulated & Controlled Media including fake news and deep fakes now dominate our screens.

  • In a world where Nothing Can Be Trusted – We Need Verification.
  • 3.5 Billion Smartphone Users take 1.4 Trillion Photos each year.
  • Deep Fakes, Altered Photos & Videos Are Increasing Exponentially.
  • Costs To US Economy Alone Estimated To Be $78 Billion.
  • Mitigates & Counters This Growing, Dangerous Threat.
What is Certified Media ?

Certified Media is the ideal technology to document evidence and preserve the truth for any important situation.

  • Photos, Videos, Audio Certified Instantly Upon Capture.
  • Used the Same Way as Standard Media
  • Preserves Ownership and Maintains "Chain of Custody"
  • Eliminates Manipulation Without Detection.
  • Instant Certification through Proprietary Technology.
  • Supports DOJ Federal Rule Of Evidence (FRE) 902 Self Authenticating Evidence.
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Protect Yourself with Authentic Media !

ImageKeeper is committed to restoring trust in digital media through our products and proprietary technologies.

Help Us Restore Truth & Integrity In Media!

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